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VARIETY: Sue Cowdroy with Evans Arts Council president Wendy-Lou Tisdell showing off works from the 2016 Art Competition and Sale. Photo:CHRIS SEABROOK 080216cartshow2ARTISTS are always on the hunt for an audience to appreciate their work and in Bathurst there is no greater stage than the Evans Arts Council annual Art Competition and Sale.
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The treasured Bathurst event will return on Friday, August 5 at Bathurst RSL.

Evans Arts Council president Wendy-Lou Tisdell said the lead up to the 2016 show has been very positive, with 429 entries received from both amateur and professional local artists.

“We’ve actually got more entries than last year, which is really, really good,” she said.

There are a variety of sections in the show to suit every kind of artist, including paintings, ceramics andsculpture.

The competition and sale also offers a juniors section with two categories, one for drawing and one for every other form of artwork created by young people.

More than 51 entries were receivedacross the section.

“We’ve got a couple of school teachers who really encourage kids [to create art],” Ms Tisdellsaid.

The Art Competition and Sale will officially open at 7.30pm on Friday.

In addition to all the incredible works of art, it will feature this year’s guest artist Merilyn Rice.

“Merilyn does beautiful work and she teaches as well. Our thought was that if Merilyn was our guest artist she’d encourage a lot of her students to enter,” Ms Tisdell said.

A selection of Ms Rice’s work will appear in the show and she will speak on the night.

All of the works featured at the show will be for sale, with 20 per cent of the proceeds from each artwork going to the Evans Arts Council so it can continue its services.

The rest goes directly to the artist.

Ms Tisdell said the longevity of the Art Competition and Sale does come down to the variety of the works, the opportunity it provides for local artists to showcase their talent and the affordability of what they create.

“I think a lot of it is because it is local, but also the cost factor; you can buy something as cheap as $30 or as much as $500,” she said.

People can view and purchase the works Friday evening, Saturday from 10am to 9pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

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