TAKING THE TESTCardinal Pell denies charges of deviant sexual behaviour and blames the ABC. It is “trial by media”, he claims. There is an obvious response. If this is so then let a trial by jury test the charges.
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Blaming “trial by media”is a defence lawyer’s ploy who tries to shift the focus of a trial from his client. In this case it is the media. It becomes the scapegoat.

Society owes a debt to journalists who have listened to victims who have been denied justice. They also uncover the misdeeds of the powerful that threaten the open democratic society.

The ABC journalists have an uncovered crimes that have shocked the nation. The most recent the abuse of children in the Northern Territory.

In blaming the ABC of “trial by media”Pell has aligned himself with the those who want to silence an important voice.

Reg Wilding, Wollongong

TERRORISM NOT NEWIt is good that Mr Adrian Devlin is reading confidential reports from the intelligence community.

Hewould do well to read their assessments on the Baader-Meinhof group, the Red Brigade and the Japanese Red Army which consisted of radicalised youths who used mayhem and murder to promote their view of the world between 1960 to the beginning of this century.

If Mr Delvin explores the internet he will find that terrorists used chemical weapons on Tokyo’s subway on 20 March 1995. Terrorism is not a new phenomena.

The important question for Australian to ask on Iraq beside our involvement in collateral damage to civilians, is where did the money paid in the bribes scandal go and was it used as seed money for ISIS?It requires great amounts of money to fund the guns, bullets, vehicles and feed a force the size of ISIS.

What is the source of this funding? It would take a lot of cake stalls to buy just one vehicle so who supplied the finance for the ISIS move to seize ground in Iraq?

Ben Morris, Wollongong

ACT ON VISASI am sure many Australians, particularly Australian Defence personnel are alarmed about our government not given visas to Australian Defence Force interpreters and cultural advisers in Afghanistan.

These Afghan people gave invaluable service to our armed forces in that country and quiet possibly some of that advice would have probably saved lives of some of our own defence personnel.

This service to Australia has placed them and their families in grave danger of retaliation by locals and insurgents like the Taliban and ISIS.I am informed that the Americans have given their interpreters visas.

For us to not do so would be a despicable act! It would be another example of why the west, and Australia, can not be trusted by others around the world.

From another angle some of these interpreters may believe that if Australia does not give them visas, the only way to save their family members from torture and death would be to join the Taliban or ISIS.

Such a result would have wasted $100 millions of Australian taxpayer dollars being involved in Australia’s longest war.

Mr Turnbull, needs to make a “captain’s call” to give these people visas and to bring them and their families to Australia.

Bob Patrech, Figtree

GOOD NIGHT NOREENHow are we to know when the next election is to be held now that Noreen Hay is retiring.

No longer will we be able to rely on her suddenly appearing from wherever she spends the Parliamentary term to let us know an election is looming.

Let’s hope whoever wins the by-election is more visible andactually does something for the electorate.

Keith Norris, Bellambi

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