Busselton Health Campus’s Emergency Department in shambles

Part of Busselton Health Campus’s Emergency Department blocked off with black tarp. Photo supplied.THE Emergency Department at Busselton Health Campus has been operating at half its capacity due to ongoing maintenance within the hospital, causing mayhem for the campus’s patients and staff.

A source told the BusseltonMailblack plastic tarp hadbeen draped across the EDwith constructionworkers on one side drilling and cutting, while patients were treated on the other side.

They said ever since the hospital opened in April last year it was rife with defects.

“The first winter that we had, therewere water leaks everywhere,” theysaid.

“Going into this winterwe still have water leaks,we still go round every time it rainsto put towels andwet signs outbecause it leaks everywhere –sometimes out of light fittings.I guess all the ceilings were notup to manufacturer’s standards either, so they are having to reinforce all of the roofs on both levels too.It’s like a construction site.”

Exposed wiring, water pressure, faulty pipework and flooring have also been raised asissues.

The source said staffhad to constantly relocatepatients whilethe ED area and other wings, including the maternity ward, were being fixed.

They said there was very little communication between WA Country Health Services and staff members at the hospital.

“Nobody has ever stood up and said we’ve got problems here, this is what’s going to happen –we just see it pop up. We don’t actually get told what’s going on.”

United Voice (the hospital workers’ union)secretary Carolyn Smithsaid the multitude ofproblems at the hospital was a grave concern for workers and patients.

“People have the right to be safe when in this new hospital,” she said.

“It should nothave been opened with all of these problems to be fixed.

“Not only is it causingdisruptions to patients, but it poses a risk to workers.”

Ms Smith said the Barnett government has been in power for nine years now and theyhad notbeen able to deliver a hospital project that had notbeen plagued with issues from thebeginning.

“Their problem is they try to do things on the cheap and in the quickest timeframe possible inan attempt to get some good press,” she said.

“The closures of these wards will be of significant disadvantage to patients and thecommunity, and likely to drag out patient wait times significantly.”

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