December, 2018

The ultimate community contribution

Donate: Dr Bill Lancashire and Graeme Borrill encourage residents to research organ donations.
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ACROSS Australia about 1700 people are waiting for an organ transplant.

Given the 20-odd million populating the country, Dr Bill Lancashire said it would only take a small amount of residents to register asorgan donorstoone day close the waiting gap.

On Tuesday, August 2 Dr Lancashire and transplant recipient Graeme Borrill held an information stand at the Port Macquarie Base Hospital to supportDonateLifeWeek.

Mr Borrill received a new liver in January2015 after being diagnosed with a chronic liver disease.

“I sat around for five years waiting for aliver transplant. I had about 12 months left of my liver before I could receive a new one because there was such a demandfor donated organs.

“I’ve heard of people going in for a transplant with 48 hours to live,” he said.

Mr Borrill said he had been a donor since the old paper licence days.

“I always look at it as the last good deed you can do is give your organs; they are no good to me once I’m gone,” he said.

Dr Lancashire said becoming an organ donor no longer involved ticking a box when renewing a drivers licence and Port Macquarie’s residents had to register online.

“It’s the ultimate community contribution and you as the donor are not going to get anything out of it at all.

“My experience is the families do get comfort out of it. No body wants to lose someone dear to them, a relative or someone they care about but it does, for the vast majority of families who consent to organ donation, providecomfort,” Dr Lancashire said.

However, families still have to consent to the agreement before organs are donated.

“Have the conversation with your family say ‘look I want to do this’ so they understand your wishes, and it really is something we should all do.”

Dr Lancashire said occasionally culture or religious beliefs change perspectives on the matter.

‘We’re not all the same. Luckily we are a diverse and multicultural community and we respect that but if you are all for organ donation then you should register,” he said.

For more information, or to register as an organ donor visit梧桐夜网donatelife.gov419论坛

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Swapping metropolis for the country life

ON Sundaynight I was parked on my lounge dreaming about a Whopper with cheese. It had been a full day at the Mangalo Mini Carnival and I was puffed. I didn’t want to cook (not that I ever really want to cook) but I needed something.
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For some idiotic reason I assumed for half a second I was still living in Adelaide and had a brief thought about going for a drive to get me some HJ’s. Idiot. It was almost 10pm and any other take away options were shut. Oh how I wept at the loss of that Whopper.

After a decade of being back in the bosom of the EP, you would assume I would recall where I was living and remember there are no 24 hour fast food joints within a 150km radius. But no. I blame the port from the carnival.

When I voiced to my friends in Adelaide that I was moving back to Cleve there werea few stunned pauses with one friend piping up and saying ‘but darling, why would you want to?’

Some could say she was the Margo to my Barbara (the main female characters in theGood Life, an awesome TV series, for those under 40) and was stunned at my desire to leave the metropolis and make a new life in the country.I will admit the first week was a challenge.

Being woken up by the CFS siren on a Sunday morning and believing we were under attack from the Germans wasn’t the best start to my first weekend.Or the impatience I felt when stuck behind a senior citizen driving down the street took a while to shake off.

Don’t get me started on the trauma of slow internet and phone issues, actually on reflection not much has changed in that respect.

However, I accepted these things and grew to love the safety of walking home a little worse for wear from the pub, not looking over my shoulder, or holding my keys in a stealth, jabbing grip, just in case someone tried to mug me. I love chatting to people and knowing who they are and where they come from, I love the smell of winter andI love living 20 minutes from a pristine beach.

I swapped late night jaunts to a fast food chain for a jaunty wave to a tractor driver down the main street, nights out at the theatre to nights at the Institute and the sounds of sirens for chit chat of the ladies as they do their morning walk past my window.

I may not have got my Whopper last weekend, but I have gained so much more.

Trudi Herde-Rodda, journalist

Eyre Peninsula Tribune journalist Trudi Herde-Rodda.

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Power hosted Manjimup for clash

Collie Power Vs Manjimup
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Men’s Soccer

Collie Power entertained Manjimup at Roche Park on Sunday for a 1st vs 2nd clash.

A win for Collie would see them go 6 points clear and with just 7 games remaining, the title would be theirs to lose.

Manjimup would take an early lead after a well hit effort from outside the penalty area, evaded the outstretched Rhett Sutherland in goals.

Collie was to respond not long after when Jeremy Mandry scored an absolute belter from distance to make it 1-1, which was the score line at half time.

The second half was dominated by the hosts, but as it had been so in the two previous meetings against their biggest threat to title success, Manjimup’s well drilled defensive setup held firm.

Collie did have their chances to go ahead but it seemed the big occasion and massive opportunity weighed heavily on them in at least a mental sense.

Collie held the large majority of possession for the entire half but ultimately, could not find a way to the full three points.

In the end, the two powerhouses had to settle for a point each.

Manjimup would have been the more frustrated of the two as Collie still has a 3 point gap and a largely superior goal difference.

The race for title winning glory could come down to the very last match day.

Women’s Soccer

The women’s side hosted a depleted Australind contingency in wet, cold and windy conditions.

After an early arm wrestle, Jayme Lee Smith was able to get a first half hat trick including a brilliant chipped effort over a helpless goalkeeper.

Australind were able to score a consolidation.

But for the rest of the game, the hosts were on hand to keep their opponents at bay to record their first win since the association split the women’s division into two.

Collie Women’s have a bye this coming weekend.

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Promoting local music

JAMMIN: Stormfront Productions members Mark Tempany and Alison Hams (left), with Acting Council CEO Migelle Hiscock and Acting Mayor Tom Antonio.Local music talent will now have an opportunity to further their professional careers thanks to a new joint initiative by Stormfront Productions and theWhyalla City Council.
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The inaugural Whyalla Recording Scholarship was launched on Monday, which allowsyoung singers, songwriters and musicians toaudition for the chance to record in a localprofessional recording studio.

Stormfront Productions member Alison Hams said the initiative was ‘born of an idea that we wanted to get young musicians out of the bedroom and out to the greater world’.

“There’s more than jamming at home, there’s more than just singing cover songs in a pub,” she said.

“There’s a lot of people out there who create their own songs and they don’t know where to take that.”

Acting Council Chief Executive Officer Migelle Hiscock said the councilwere ‘very keen’ to be supportive of the scholarship, which had been identified as a positive initiative by the Whyalla Youth Council.

“It’s a great opportunity to give the youth of the city –who may be in their bedrooms at the moment, writing music and singing to themselves –a chance to be heard in the open world,” she said.

Whyalla residents aged 12 to 19 canaudition for a panel of judges who will award the scholarshipto a young musician who ‘shows outstanding talent, potential and dedication to their music, and particularly to original music’.

“They have about six months to take that physical opportunity in the studio and record their song, then the following six months leading into next year’s scholarship will be a mentor-ship ofsorts,” Mrs Hams said.

“We will be able to help them promote that music, get it online, get it onto iTunes, and use that CD to promote themselves.”

Entry formscan be found at 梧桐夜网whyallarecording南京夜网–entries close on September 9.

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Unearthed: 19th ​century bricks found

HERITAGE: Sarah Griffin from the Bathurst City Community Club (BCCC) with the historic foundations unearthed at the rear of the club. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK 080216cdig1
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BATHURST Regional Council will consider a request for financial assistance from the Bathurst City Community Club (BCCC) after historic brick foundations dating back to 1892 were unearthed on the grounds.

The ruins were found during upgrade works at the William Street club and are believed to be the foundations of the old kitchen.

Council were made aware of the findings during discussions with the BCCC in July.

The site was inspected and councilagreedto providea grant of $6000 from the Conservation and Interpretation Fund to preserve the historic bricks.

As the project to preserve the findings will cost in excess of $20,000, the BCCC, in a letter to council, has requested financial assistance.

Due to the heritage value of the ruins, corporate services and finance director Bob Roach has recommended in a report that council make available a loan of $10,000 in addition to the $6000 grant.

The loan would be at an interest rate of 7.74 per cent repayable over a 10-year period.

BCCC treasurer Lisa Pierce couldn’t comment on the recommendations, but said the board believes it is important for the council and community topreserve Bathurst’s heritage.

“The BCCC declines to comment on Mr Roach’s recommendations as we have not received the letter,” Ms Pierce said.

“As a community club we are the custodians of this unique part of the early settlement of Bathurst.We are endeavouring to maintain the integrity of these findings by preserving them in a manner that the whole community can see and enjoy.”

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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